Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why a blog???

Thanks for joining us on Mirada Fine Art's brand new blog - the 'Mirada Art Blog.'  We'll obviously make sure that our website ( is always as user-friendly as possible, and update it with the newest artists, artwork and events.  This new blog, however, will be a great opportunity to get much more in-depth on all sorts of art-related topics.  We'll talk with our amazing artists and have them walk you through the process they went through when creating a specific work of art - both technically and emotionally.  We can laugh about the crazy things that sometimes happen at the gallery.  We'll talk about relevant trends in the art world...oh and in Indian Hills, CO as well. We also get some of our incredible clients involved. We ship pieces all over the world and you'd be amazed at the fascinating stories we hear...and even the photos we get sent.

We've been really fortunate in our first year of business, and have received all sorts of fantastic press.  A lot of that is due to the amazing mix of artists we are lucky to represent.  How do we decide on the mix?  We'll go into that in the blog...and sometimes feature artists that may not be a good fit for Mirada, but are definitely worthy of your attention.  And what about the artists we are trying to get in our gallery, but have been reluctant...maybe you can help us out!

So thanks so much for joining our blog!  To be honest, a part of me has felt that the majority of blogs are just a narcissistic outlet created by people with way too much time on their hands...let's see if we can avoid that with the Mirada Art Blog.  Let's make it more of a community page.