Saturday, October 21, 2017

Danielle Hatherley at Mirada Fine Art

Danielle Hatherley at Mirada Fine Art, 'Blue Dream,' Acrylic/Oil on Canvas, 42" x 72"

Artist Danielle Hatherley’s abstracted landscapes are all about contrast and interaction.  Carefully edited color palettes are chosen deliberately to elicit specific depth, clarity, light and tone.

Danielle Hatherley at Mirada Fine Art, 'Colorado VI,' Acrylic/Oil on Canvas, 30" x 48"
Born in Albury, Australia, Danielle was inspired to capture the beauty of nearby Sydney’s spectacular harbor and beaches in artistic forms.  While attending University, she met renowned Australian artist, Ted Blackall, who became her lifelong mentor, and first introduced her to painting en plein air.  The experience brought both Danielle, and her art, to life.  She recalls, “I knew from that moment on that I couldn’t do anything else but paint.”

Danielle Hatherley at work in her studio in Colorado.  Danielle is represented by Mirada Fine Art
While always inspired by breathtaking landscapes, Danielle’s technique matured and developed over the years.  Recreating a scene itself was no longer enough. Capturing the play of sunlight and shadow became her passion.  Striving to find and capture that energy-filled moment in nature when light and dark meet, are unified and find peace, has possessed Danielle.  Sunsets, backlit forests and luminous abstracted landscapes leap from her canvasses.  “Even my simple suburban street takes on a glorious state as the dusk light pushes between a shed and a tree,” she states.  A move to Colorado with its stunning vistas and sunsets reinvigorated her work even further.
Danielle Hatherley at Mirada Fine Art, 'Restless,' Acrylic/Oil on Canvas, 48" x 48"
Hatherley’s work is found throughout the United States and Australia, both in corporate installations and private collections.  She currently divides her time between studios in Boulder, Colorado and New York City. 

Danielle Hatherley at Mirada Fine Art, 'Fleeting Moment,' Acrylic/Oil on Canvas, 48" x 48"

Friday, October 13, 2017

Natural Elements Exhibition at Mirada Fine Art

Artists Greg Dye, Thomas Harvey & Michael McLaughlin Combine Forces for a Visual Banquet

The artwork of Greg Dye, Michael McLaughlin and Thomas Harvey
are blended together to create 'Natural Elements'

On October 6th, 2017, an artistic meeting of the minds occured in an extraordinary exhibit at Mirada Fine Art.  Bringing together three very different artists bound by their love of nature and their mastery at capturing its beauty, Mirada will present its latest exhibition, ‘natural ELEMENTS.’  The exhibition will runs from October 7th-November 5th.

Michael McLaughlin's 'Bronze Fox' sits on
top of Thomas Harvey's 'Vessel End Table' in
Mirada Fine Art's 'natural ELEMENTS'

Stepping into the award-winning gallery, you are struck by the tranquil cohesiveness of the superb displays of contemporary art.  An underlying and decidedly ‘Colorado feel’ emanates from each piece of work, despite the fact the artists themselves reside around the world.  In this unique exhibit, Roxborough Park painter Greg Dye, Connecticut sculptor Michael McLaughlin, and Denver’s master woodworker, Thomas Harvey, unveil their latest work.

Greg Dye at Mirada Fine Art,
'Royal Gorge,' Original Oil on Canvas, 48" x 48"

Greg Dye’s canvasses burst with brilliant color. Employing a palette knife to apply bold strokes of oil paint, Greg masterfully captures the glorious glow of Rocky Mountain sunrises and sunsets. The resulting vividly-illuminated landscapes and wondrously character-filled wildlife portraits will captivate you.

Michael McLaughlin at Mirada Fine Art,
'The Early Worm,' Limited Edition Bronze

McLaughlin creates endearing bronze sculptures portraying enchanting moments from the wild. Often incorporating natural objects found during frequent hikes, the juxtaposition of simplicity rendered in a complex manner is a hallmark of Michael’s work.

Thomas Harvey at Mirada Fine Art,
'Andon 1 (Organic Glow),
Reclaimed Plum, Walnut, Acrylic & LED lights,
72" x 15" x 14"

Craftsman Thomas Harvey believes wood to be the quintessential artistic medium—solid and strong while infused with movement.  Incorporating the natural beauty of these characteristics, he creates furniture and art that are simultaneously timeless and modern.

Opening reception of 'natural ELEMENTS' at Mirada Fine Art.

Definitely come check out these remarkable artists at Mirada Fine Art!

'natural ELEMENTS' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lyudmila Agrich and Julia Klimova: IMPRESSIONS exhibition at Mirada Fine Art

Despite a crazy May snow storm, we had a tremendous opening for the 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition featuring the stunning artwork of Lyudmila Agrich and Julia Klimova.  Lyudmila and Julia are two of Mirada's most popular artists and these two gifted artists joined forces for a spectacular exhibition featuring their impressionistic masterpieces.  Both artists grew up and began painting in Russia before moving overseas (Lyudmila to Denver, and Julia to Toronto).  The opening reception was on May 19, 2017, and the exhibition will run through June 11, 2017

Opening reception for Lyudmila Agrich and Julia Klimova's 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art.

Lyudmila Agrich at the opening reception of her 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art.

Crazy May snow storm right before the opening of Mirada's IMPRESSIONS exhibition.

A stunning Julia Klimova painting 'Silent Time' was part of her 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition.

Opening reception for Lyudmila Agrich and Julia Klimova's 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art.

Opening reception for Lyudmila Agrich and Julia Klimova's 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art.

Jenni Sonnen, co-owner of Mirada Fine Art, chats with a patron at the 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition.

Opening reception for Lyudmila Agrich and Julia Klimova's 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art.

Lyudmila Agrich and the proud new owners of her amazing 'Poppy Sunset' painting.

Mirada Fine Art owner Steve Sonnen chats with a patron during the opening reception of 'IMPRESSIONS.'

Opening reception for Lyudmila Agrich and Julia Klimova's 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art.

An Allen Wynn sculpture stands next to Lyudmila Agrich's new painting 'Blooming Magnolia.'

Lyudmila Agrich enjoys a moment during the opening reception of the 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition.

Lyudmila Agrich and the proud new owners of her 'Sunset Breeze' painting.

Opening reception for Lyudmila Agrich and Julia Klimova's 'IMPRESSIONS' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art.

Lyudmila Agrich laughs with some of her collectors at the opening of 'IMPRESSIONS' at Mirada Fine Art.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Mirada Fine Art's 'CALM in the STORM'

Opening reception of Mirada Fine Art's 'CALM in the STORM' 

Mirada Fine Art's co-owner Jenni Sonnen enjoys a moment during the 'Calm in the Storm' opening reception.
Mirada Fine Art's 'CALM in the STORM' opening reception on March 31, 2017
A patron immerses herself in the painting 'Vista: Haven' by artist Bruce Marion at Mirada Fine Art.
Mirada Fine Art's 'CALM in the STORM' opening reception.
Copper Tritscheller's 'Curious Conversaton' at Mirada Fine Art.
Melanie Warsinske's beautiful 'Silence' painting was unveiled at Mirada Fine Art's 'CALM in the STORM' exhibition.
Mirada Fine Art's 'CALM in the STORM.'

Friday, March 31, 2017

Cynthia Chartier at Mirada Fine Art!

Mirada Fine Art is absolutely thrilled to introduce our newest artist, Cynthia Chartier!

Cynthia Chartier at Mirada Fine Art, 'Freedom (Stars & Stripes),' Mixed Media on Canvas, 60" x 48"
Fascinated by how great music, cultures and literature are iconic of the present yet reflect the past and continue to evolve into the future, artist Cynthia Chartiér strives to imbue her work with the same timeless emotional layering.

Cynthia Chartier at Mirada Fine Art, 'Henri Matisse,' Mixed Media on Canvas, 60" x 48"

Born in Boston, Cynthia began her art studies at that city’s Notre Dame Art School at the age of eight, continuing her studies throughout Europe during summer months of summer vacation. Understanding of the artistic process and technique continued to develop while studying at the Boston Musuem School, the Monstserrat School of Vistual Art and the Norton Museum School of Art.  Exposure to a vast array of artists and techniques combined with personal artistic experimentation, resultied in
Chartiér’s stunningly unique and richly textured multi-media works of art.

Cynthia Chartier is now represented by Mirada Fine Art in Colorado

Primarily figurative, Cynthia’s paintings echo the multitudes of emotion, energy, expression and vision reflected and sometimes buried within the people she finds most engaging.  To create her trademark reflective quality and prisms of color, the artist builds vibrant layers of jewel tone paint, glazes, symphony sheet music, manuscripts, rare textiles and found objects to create both physical and emotional texture.

Cynthia Chartier at Mirada Fine Art, 'The Queen (Shakespearean Sonnet), Mixed Media on Canvas, 30" x 30"

Language and symbolism are vital to Ms. Chartiér to convey the secret riddles and stories hidden within her work.  Her abstract expressionist style is skillfully and deliberately employed. The items chosen to be included in each painting are carefully hand-selected.  For instance, sheet music often makes an appearance, sometimes buried beneath other textural layers, to express the energy of an individual. “Emotions are like a beautiful language using various instruments played in the symphony,” Cynthia explains. “Sounds reflect prisms of color and imagery, mixing with soulful emotion.  Art is the mirror of who are and who we’d like to become.”

Denver's Best Art Gallery: Mirada Fine Art!

We're thrilled to announce that Mirada Fine Art was voted the 2017 'best art gallery' in the Denver metro area for the second year in a row.  The Denver A-List competition just announced their winners, and this year there were over 70,000 over 148 categories.  In the 'Art Gallery' category, there were almost 100 competing galleries, and Mirada Fine Art came out on top.  If you voted for Mirada, thank you so much!

If you would like to see all the results, go to the Denver A-List website.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Helene Caron at Mirada Fine Art

Helene Caron at Mirada Fine Art, 'Olivia,' Mixed Media on Panel, 40" x 40"

Hélène Caron’s lifelong love of animals is strikingly evident in her work. From the time she could hold a pencil as a tiny child, she spent endless hours sketching her furry best friends.  This devotion to the creatures and a deep-seated need to represent their individuality, led her to a full-time career fulfilling that passion.

Helene Caron at Mirada Fine Art, Shake II, Mixed Media on Panel, 48" x 48"
In her mid-twenties, Hélène realized horses had become a dominant subject matter for her.  Their dichotomous nature combining massive strength with incredible patience and softness became an embodiment of Caron’s artwork. Hélène found other animals that also encapsulated these qualities and began painting them as well.  A perfect contemporary blend of whimsy and realism, Caron’s pieces exude personality. Sensitive, fun and curious, each horse, cow, bear or wolf beckons you to get to know them.  Using layers of acrylic paint worked with palette knives and spatulas, the artist employs gels and pastes to add depth.  A hallmark of Caron’s work is the use of vivid colors within the subject, contrasted with backgrounds left intentionally blank, highlighting the spirit of each animal depicted.  Soulful eyes endearingly speak to and scrutinize you, entreating your love.  And while undeniably vibrant, they instill viewers with a sense of both uplifting energy and a deep sense of serenity.

Helene Caron studying her subject matter.
Born in Laval, Quebec, Helene now resides in Blainville, an off-island suburb of Montreal situated at the foot of the Laurentian Mountains, where for seven years she has happily devoted herself entirely to creating her art.  She has received numerous awards of distinction, and her work is part of both private and corporate collections throughout North America.

Mirada Fine Art is pleased to be the only gallery in the United States to represent the amazing artwork of Helene Caron!