Sunday, May 13, 2012

Andrew Baird Introduces 'Beyond the Lines' at Mirada Fine Art

Andrew Baird at Mirada Fine Art: Patrons savor Mr. Bairds's Latest Creations
We had an amazing opening reception for Andrew Baird's 'Beyond the Lines' exhibition on Friday night, May 11th.  It's our first exhibition of the season, and Mirada was absolutely packed with fans of Andrew's work.  In 2011, 5280 Magazine declared Andrew Baird the 'best artist in the state of Colorado' and it was easy to find patrons on Friday night who agreed with this declaration.  Using a simple 'stir stick,' Andrew drips paint onto a canvas on the floor - no brushes are ever used.  Allowing layers to dry between sessions, Andrew revisits a painting each day to add another two or three colors.  From a seemingly chaotic painting, a striking work of art appears, masterfully created with vibrant color combinations of light and dark values.  This exhibition will be on display through June 10th...don't miss it!

Andrew Baird at Mirada Fine Art
Andrew Baird at Mirada Fine Art, 5.11.2012
Patrons of Mirada Fine Art take in the work of Andrew Baird
Enjoying the Andrew Baird exhibition.
Mirada was packed with patrons savoring the work of Andrew Baird.
Jenni Sonnen & Steve Sonnen, owner of Mirada Fine Art
Enjoying an Andrew Baird landscape.
Andrew Baird's wife, Cindy, and his family members.
Two pieces from Andrew Baird's 'Beyond the Lines' exhibit at Mirada Fine Art.
Andrew Baird at Mirada Fine Art, Carmela, Acrylic on Canvas, 37.5" x 48"
Andrew Baird at Mirada Fine Art, Jasmine, Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 37.5"