Saturday, April 30, 2016

Russell Whiting at Mirada Fine Art: Snow Angel

Russell Whiting's spectacular steel sculpture 'Walking Angel' always looks amazing...but check it out in the snow in front of the gallery today...amazing!  This sculpture measures 74" x 50" x 30".  Come by Mirada Fine Art to check it out in person!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Ken Elliott at Mirada Fine Art: COLOR

New exhibit showcases artist Ken Elliott's mastery of the use of color.
by Jan Thompson

Ken Elliott at Mirada Fine Art, Through the Forest, Oil on Canvas, 36 x 60"

‘Nature is where all the inspiration and colors for a lifetime are always waiting.’ This is the conclusion talented painter Ken Elliott has come to after over forty years in the art business. Four decades spent observing technique, and establishing a wealth of understanding on the use of light, lines and color, led Elliott to develop his own compelling style.

Ken Elliott at Mirada Fine Art, Haze in the Distance II, Oil on Canvas, 40" x 40"

Altering, perfecting and abstracting his perception of nature, rich bold color and vibrant shapes emanate from Ken Elliott’s canvasses. The fascination with the endless palette provided by nature inspired his latest collection of work, ‘Color,’ an exhibition opening at Mirada Fine Art on Friday, May 6.  Rendered in vividly modern hues, his landscapes simultaneously convey powerful movement and deep serenity.  ‘I don’t try to recreate nature (even Monet said he never got that right).  Instead, my work is a simplification and exaggeration of elements found within a landscape,’ Ken tells us.

Ken Elliott at Mirada Fine Art, Forest in Greens & Mauves, Oil on Canvas, 40" x 40"

Painting is not a linear process for this artist.  He usually works on several pieces at a time. Elements of one piece spur experimentation in another.  Jumping between work with oil paints and pastels allows differing emphasis on line structure, color depth and illumination.  And decades of experience have taught Ken to not discount the potential of a ‘mistake.’  Just as in nature, Elliott has discovered that an imperfection can often be the most visually interesting component.

Ken Elliott at Mirada Fine Art, Meadow Cascade, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 60"

The artist’s work stands independent of any specific place or time. They are a combination of the glory Ken Elliott sees in the world around him, and his own vivid imagination.  Grounded in unifying illumination, each piece somehow portrays both a kinetic energy and inherent calm.

Ken Elliott at Mirada Fine Art, Through the Purple Woods, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 24"