Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Larisa Aukon and Lyudmila Agrich: Cityscapes Exhibition at Mirada Fine Art

Lyudmila Agrich's 'Summer Night in Paris' and Larisa Aukon's 'Moondust' paintings at Mirada.

Larisa Aukon at Mirada Fine Art, 'Lucid Dream,' Oil on Linen, 30" x 40"

Combined with incredible inherent skill and classical training, both artists have become masters at capturing the underlying glow and emotion of the urban landscape. Born in Russia, Lyudmila Agrich’s family settled in the port city of Odessa in southwest Ukraine, stunningly located by the Black Sea. Years spent in music and fine arts schools as a child led to a college degree in Architecture and Fine Arts.  After her move to the U.S. (she now resides in Denver) she pursued her Architectural career, but replaced her drafting board with canvasses in 2001 when she took up painting full time. Lush swipes of oil paint with a palette knife create textural ‘visual diaries’ for Lyudmila, whose glowing work bursts with the rhythm, energy and emotion of urban scenes. Quaint European towns and bustling metropolitan areas come to life, capturing intimate moments in ordinary life.
Lyudmila Agrich at Mirada Fine Art, 'Montmartre Cafe,' Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"

A child prodigy, Latvian-born Larisa Aukon can’t remember a time she wasn’t communicating via a paintbrush. When she arrived in the American Southwest her breath was quite literally taken away by the explosion of color, dramatically affecting her work and lifting her spirit and talent to an even higher level. Vivid depictions of narrow winding streets, terra cotta rooftops, majestic cathedrals and cozy homesteads leap from Larissa’s radiant work.  Masterfully-mixed and layered palettes create depth and brilliance, evoking a visceral reaction from each viewer of her lush pieces.  Bold strokes of color, balanced composition and changing hues are hallmarks of her critically acclaimed work.

This remarkable exhibition at Mirada Fine Art runs from August 26th through September 18th.