Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mirada Art Talk: The Blue Mustang

Welcome to our first 'Mirada Art Talk'.  As often as we can, we'll give our opinion on Colorado exhibitions and public works of art.  We'll have artists and experts tell us what they think, and we'll get the remarkable 'Blog Dogs,' Linus and Augie, to voice their opinions as well.  We'd love to hear what you think as please join in.

We thought we'd start with the obvious choice and get it out of the way:  the famous 'Blue Mustang' at Denver International Airport.  It has to be the most controversial public art in the entire state.  The artist, Luis Jimenez, was actually killed by this piece while he was working on it, but it was completed by his sons, Adan and Orion, and was installed in 2008.  It's been called everything from "Bluecifer" to "Satan's Steed." EVERYONE has an opinion!  And so do we.  Our guest reviewer for this discussion is artist Andree Hudson, who is famous in part for her remarkable equine acrylic paintings. 

Blue Mustang by Luis Jimenez

Artist Andree Hudson
Wow, the Blue Mustang! This sculpture took the life of its creator...that color of blue that we would find on a vintage GTO...its eyes that are cursed and seems somewhat alive as you drive by at the entrance to DIA airport.  It could possibly come to life in the black of night and take one of the cars passing by.  I swear I have seen it in a different position in every passing!

Seriously is this a successful work of art? I love art that evokes a strong sense of emotion! Do I want to take a longer look as I drive by this demonic creature? Yes I think I do!

Andree Hudson, Running Along, Acrylic on Canvas, 60" x 60"

Steve Sonnen, Owner of Mirada Fine Art
The Blue Mustang.  That's a tough call.  Although I'm not a huge fan of this particular piece, I don't know why people get so worked up about it.   He's a little mean looking, but I'm not ready to petition the governor to get rid of it.   On the other hand, I'm not about to 'friend' the Blue Mustang on Facebook either.  It's a blue horse with glowing eyes...ok, fine.    All I know is that public art should never be put up for a vote and test-marketed.

Linus, Official Mirada 'Blog Dog
Ok...first of all, why has this beret been photo-shopped on me?  This is an outrage!   A dog can't be 'arty' without wearing a ridiculous beret?  I noticed that the artist and the gallery owner didn't get stuck with funny hats.  And when was the last time someone actually wore a beret?  It was probably Jerry Lewis in the 40s.  You want me to talk about public works of art and be taken seriously?  How about taking this hat off first?  You'll probably want me to give it 'two paws up' or some cliche crap like that.  Not this time.  On principal I will not discuss the Blue Mustang as long as I am wearing a beret. 

Augie, Official Mirada 'Blog Dog'
 I like squirrels.

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  1. First of all Linus, let me say how sorry I am that you're subjected to wearing silly hats. Why don't you get your revenge by serving your person a long tall drink of water from the porcelain water bowl?

    Now, the real reason I'm writing is to say bow WOW! I love Andree Hudson's work. The fluidity in her strokes coupled with an interesting angularity in the horses really give that piece motion. Thanks for the visual treat. Now if we could just figure out how to send actual food treats over the internet I'd be one happy dog.