Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bonnie Teitelbaum at Mirada Fine Art: Internal Conversations

We're really excited that next Friday night, June 17th, we'll have Bonnie Teitelbaum at Mirada Fine Art for the preview of her new exhibition, 'Internal Conversations.'  This reception will be from mark your calendar!

Bonnie Teitelbaum at Mirada Fine Art
We were absolutely thrilled when Western Art & Architecture magazine recognized artist Bonnie Teitelbaum as "One to Watch" in 2010.   She was also called 'a visionary artist' that same year in the book Acrylic Innovation. It only reinforced what Bonnie's collectors from around the globe already knew: her remarkable paintings are entirely enticing.

Bonnie Teitelbaum at Mirada Fine Art, Burning Fields, Acrylic on Panel, 18" x 18"
Bonnie hopes "Internal Conversations" will persuade viewers to do just that ­- step inside the paintings' sublime colors and textures and evoke personal reflection.  Bonnie is a master at using bold colors in a delicate manner.  She trusts her work will inspire the same peace in others that it does within her.  The images reflect her love of nature, and bring to mind personal feelings, friends, places and times.
Bonnie Teitelbaum at Mirada Fine Art, Five on a Drive (quintet), Acrylic on Panel, 6" x 40" (x5)
Primarily using acrylic paint, Bonnie adds crackle pastes and mouldings to provide textural interest and depth.  The many layers of paint and pours of clear gel not only produce shimmering color, but also provide a path for light to travel through.  The effect is much like looking into a tidal pool.

Bonnie Teitelbaum at Mirada Fine Art, Slip Away (triptych), Acrylic on Panel, 54" x 18" (x3)
Bonnie Teitelbaum has worked as a graphic artist, product designer and artistic welder, and has been a fine arts painter for over 25 years.  She grew up in an Air Force family and lived throughout the United States, as well as in Japan, Germany and the Philippines.  She currently resides in Santa Fe, NM. Although she has been recognized throughout the world, the only place her pieces can be viewed in Colorado is at Mirada Fine Art Gallery.

Don't miss this truly remarkable exhibition!  

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