Friday, August 26, 2011

Don't miss this upcoming exhibition: 8354 MILES

Arturo Mallmann, Svetlana Shalygina, 8354 MILES
Arturo Mallmann spent his childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Svetlana Shalygina grew up in the small village of Efremov, Russia. Completely different cultures and 8354 miles separated these two aspiring artists, but their art represents how human nature ultimately drives people toward the same questions and desires. These remarkable artists are being paired up for the first time in a unique exhibition appropriately titled '8354 Miles.' This exhibition will be unveiled during an artist reception at Mirada Fine Art gallery on Friday, September 2nd, from 6-9pm. The exhibition will be on display from September 3rd through the 25th.

Arturo Mallmann at Mirada Fine Art
Arturo Mallmann grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When he began to paint, his first motivation was to develop a space that presented no barriers for the eyes. Depth became critical to his artwork. Over many years, Arturo developed a technique that went beyond creating an illusion of depth...his pieces are transformed into a real three-dimensional space. This technique consists of innumerable layers of translucent acrylic colors applied between several coats of clear epoxy resin.

Arturo Mallmann at Mirada Fine Art, Green Wondering, Acrylic & Resin on Panel, 60" x 48"
Arturo typically places human beings in his paintings very far away from the viewer, usually so close to the horizon that they frequently look on the verge of disappearing. "I do that not only to further increase the depth but also because I want those human beings to be surrounded by a vast, naked and mysterious universe that presents no distractions," states Arturo. "This is very different from the urban environment where most people spend their lives these days. Hopefully the environment in my paintings is more conducive to approach our deepest selves."

Svetlana Shalygina at Mirada Fine Art
Svetlana Shalygina was born into a humble working class family in Efremov, Russia. She grew up close to nature in wide-open Russian countryside and picturesque valleys, which she sketched and painted throughout her childhood. At 20, her life took a dramatic turn when she seized a remarkable opportunity, and moved to the United States.

Svetlana Shalygina at Mirada Fine Art, The Gates of Freedom, Mixed Media, 48" x 36"
Svetlana's new life in the Land of Opportunity was difficult at first. She cleaned houses and washed dishes to make a living. Discouraged and lost, Svetlana came to realize that no matter how hard she worked, an expensive formal art education would not become a reality. Without a formal art education, Svetlana took a different route to success; self-study, experimentation, and the development of a unique creative path.

The foundation of Svetlana's unique style is the poetry and beauty she treasured as a child, and the love she still feels for her homeland. The core of her creative expression is both personal and nostalgic. Svetlana now lives and paints in Newport Beach, California. Happily, she now returns to her native soil each summer to visit family and friends. Her dramatic style has garnered her much attention, and she now has collectors from around the globe.

Arturo Mallmann at Mirada Fine Art, Explorer #9, Acrylic & Resin on Panel, 36" x 48"
"We're absolutely thrilled with the pairing of these two remarkable talents," states Steve Sonnen, Mirada owner and curator. "Despite their completely different cultural backgrounds, their artwork stirs up many of the same personal reflections and emotions. Both Arturo and Svetlana open themselves up and expose a real tender longing and frailty within their paintings."

Although both of these artists are collected globally, the only place in Colorado to view their creations is Mirada Fine Art. Don't miss this incredible exhibition!

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