Saturday, November 5, 2011

MIrada Art Talk: The Yearling

Every once in a while, we like to talk about a public work of art in Denver, and get the opinions of our artists and our resident 'blog dogs.'  This time we thought we'd take on that huge red chair with the tiny horse in front of the Denver Public Library.  It's called 'The Yearling' and it was created by artist Donald Lipsky.

The Yearling, by Donald Lipsky
“The Yearling” was originally commissioned for an elementary school in upper Manhattan. Says Lipski about this work, “I wanted to give kids something that would really be a cause for wonder.” When the school district asked Lipski to omit the horse, he refused, saying, “It just lost all its magic.” The sculpture spent 1997 in New York City’s Central Park before traveling to Denver in 1998 for permanent installation. “If it makes people stop and feel something they haven’t felt before, I’m happy,” commented the artist, shortly before “The Yearling” was moved. 

And now for the opinions of the Mirada Art Blog panel:

Christian Dore, Artist at Mirada Fine Art
Artist Christian Dore

The childlike chair and its bold red really bounces against it's environment and when reading that it is actually a life size pinto pony on top it seems to me that this piece makes you really look at its perspective and scale. I really like it when sculptures mess with sizes of shapes and objects and invite you to look at something that may seem, at first, out of place. The more I look at this the more it is drawing me in, very interesting.

Steve Sonnen, Owner of Mirada Fine Art
Gallery Owner Steve Sonnen

I've walked by this piece so many times over the years, and to be honest, I don't know if I've ever stopped to really look at it.  Inherently I think that says quite a bit about my feelings regarding this sculpture.  It's a big chair with a horse on it...doesn't really elicit much more from me and I think public art should.  I do think it's pretty funny that the people who commissioned the piece wanted to get rid of the horse.  Yikes...then you'd have a big chair!  Might work in High Point, North Carolina.

Linus, official Mirada 'Blog Dog'
Linus, Mirada Blog Dog

I find the simplicity and whimsy of this sculpture to be the genious of the piece.  Do you really need more?  Did Rodin's 'Thinker' need any more?  Did the Venus de Milo need any....hey wait a minute...I'm still wearing this ridiculous beret!!!!  This is an outrage!  I complained on my last post about this preposterous headgear, but apparently as long as I'm part of the blogosphere, I'm doomed to perpetuate this cliche of an artist!!!  I'm giving my thought-provoking analysis of this remarkable public sculpture and some geek with a copy of Photoshop and far too much time on his hands INSISTS THAT I WEAR A STINKING BERET!!!!!!!!!!  I WILL NOT BE PART OF THIS FARCE!!!!

Augie, official Mirada 'Blog Dog'
Augie, Mirada Blog Dog

I kinda like the hat. 

What do you think of Donald Lipsky's 'The Yearling'? 

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  1. Thank you for highlighting the canine perspective on art. I like the whimsy and simplicity of the piece and find it very apropos as public art.