Sunday, November 23, 2014

Javier Lopez Barbosa at Mirada Fine Art

We are truly pleased to introduce another remarkable artist to the Mirada family: Javier Lopez Barbosa.

Javier Lopez Barbosa at Mirada Fine Art
As a child growing up in Mexico, Javier Lopez Barbosa was surrounded by vibrant color and music.  The energetic culture profoundly impacted him and from a very early age awoke his artistic sensibilities.  Javier remembers feeling a visceral need to have in his possession a box of crayons, colored pencils or watercolor paints.  As a shy little boy coloring was a way to express himself to the world – and it remains his most comprehensive means of expression.

Javier Lopez Barbosa at Mirada Fine Art, La Villita, Mixed Media on Canvas, 46" x 44"
 Javier rarely approaches a canvas with a definitive idea of what will emerge.  He starts with the first color that comes to mind, and from there allows his ‘inner child’ to take over and set the course of the painting.  And while the initial emotion and motivation is childlike, Mr. Barbosa’s technique is far from it.  A highly original painter with an impressive arsenal of technical ability, Barbosa skillfully plays with the effect of color and intrinsic light.  He uses an array of medium, forms and textures to produce contemporary expressionistic landscapes brimming with visual depth.  While the artist’s work has been embraced by enthusiastic collectors and met with tremendous success, the most rewarding achievement to Javier is when his work is viewed, and coaxes a smile from the viewer.

Javier Lopez Barbosa at Mirada Fine Art, Pride, Mixed Media on Canvas, 40" x 36"
“I am an artist who has always felt that I needed to let my soul speak for itself, reflecting waves of emotion and love into my work.” But where the artist leaves off is precisely where he would like the viewer to begin, bringing their own feeling to the painting, and experiencing it as only each individual can.  He has fun creating his art, and hopes it in turn makes others happy.  “Painting every day reminds me of the person I want to be; a humble person ready to give what is needed.  I feel that creating art is an important way for me to give to the world.”

We hope you will visit Mirada Fine Art soon and see Javier's remarkable work in truly don't do them justice.

Javier Lopez Barbosa at Mirada Fine Art, La Canada, Mixed Media on Canvas, 44" x 42"

Javier Lopez Barbosa at Mirada Fine Art, Wisdom, Mixed Media on Canvas, 40" x 42"

Javier Lopez Barbosa at Mirada Fine Art, Serenity, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36" x 40"

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