Sunday, May 29, 2016

Al Glann Contemporary Horse Sculptures at Mirada Fine Art

Al Glann at Mirada Fine Art, 'The Cutter,' Limited Edition Bronze, 12" x 23" x 14"

Mirada Fine Art is absolutely thrilled to represent the remarkable contemporary sculptor, Al Glann!  Intrigued by horses from a young age, Al longed for one of his own.  Raised on the family farm in Toledo, Ohio, the connection was a part of the fabric of his life, and Americans in general at the time, immersed in the TV world of ‘Bonanza’ and ‘Rawhide.’  The dream of a horse never came to fruition, so Al decided on the next best thing—creating his own.  His first sculptural attempts were fanciful creations meant solely for his own entertainment.

Al Glann at Mirada Fine Art, 'Blue Ridge,' Limited Edition Bronze, 17" x 17" x 9"

As a young adult he pursued his artistic interest and talent.  He began his formal training, receiving a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from the Columbus College of Art & Design.  He went on to a successful career as a commercial designer and illustrator.  His passion, however, continued to lie in the creation of dimensional constructs, painting, and wire, wood and metal sculpture.  This led him to a teaching position as an Associate Professor at his alma mater, teaching 3-D design and illustration.

Al Glann's amazing life-size sculpture 'Red Stallion' in front of Mirada Fine Art during a snow storm.

After moving to Arizona, Al furthered his formal training, earning a Masters of Education at Northern Arizona University.  While teaching graphic design at the Art Institute of Phoenix he also forged a career as a sculptor in steel and bronze.  His continued fascination with the equine form led to the beginning of his ‘Horse Series’ of sculpture in 2008. In 2009, after earning the ‘Instructor of the Year’ award, he devoted himself full time to his sculpture and painting.

Al Glann at Mirada Fine Art, 'The Classic,' Limited Edition Bronze, 17" x 22" x 7"

“I love to create horses in action, a gestural 3-dimensional drawing with metal,” Glann explains. “I exaggerate the line, weight and movement, using negative space to define form and character.” He strives to capture the personality of horses and other forms rather than a realistic representation.

Come by Mirada Fine Art to check out Al's remarkable sculptures in person!

Al Glann at Mirada Fine Art, 'On Fire,' Limited Edition Bronze, 15" x 20" x 6"

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