Friday, October 13, 2017

Natural Elements Exhibition at Mirada Fine Art

Artists Greg Dye, Thomas Harvey & Michael McLaughlin Combine Forces for a Visual Banquet

The artwork of Greg Dye, Michael McLaughlin and Thomas Harvey
are blended together to create 'Natural Elements'

On October 6th, 2017, an artistic meeting of the minds occured in an extraordinary exhibit at Mirada Fine Art.  Bringing together three very different artists bound by their love of nature and their mastery at capturing its beauty, Mirada will present its latest exhibition, ‘natural ELEMENTS.’  The exhibition will runs from October 7th-November 5th.

Michael McLaughlin's 'Bronze Fox' sits on
top of Thomas Harvey's 'Vessel End Table' in
Mirada Fine Art's 'natural ELEMENTS'

Stepping into the award-winning gallery, you are struck by the tranquil cohesiveness of the superb displays of contemporary art.  An underlying and decidedly ‘Colorado feel’ emanates from each piece of work, despite the fact the artists themselves reside around the world.  In this unique exhibit, Roxborough Park painter Greg Dye, Connecticut sculptor Michael McLaughlin, and Denver’s master woodworker, Thomas Harvey, unveil their latest work.

Greg Dye at Mirada Fine Art,
'Royal Gorge,' Original Oil on Canvas, 48" x 48"

Greg Dye’s canvasses burst with brilliant color. Employing a palette knife to apply bold strokes of oil paint, Greg masterfully captures the glorious glow of Rocky Mountain sunrises and sunsets. The resulting vividly-illuminated landscapes and wondrously character-filled wildlife portraits will captivate you.

Michael McLaughlin at Mirada Fine Art,
'The Early Worm,' Limited Edition Bronze

McLaughlin creates endearing bronze sculptures portraying enchanting moments from the wild. Often incorporating natural objects found during frequent hikes, the juxtaposition of simplicity rendered in a complex manner is a hallmark of Michael’s work.

Thomas Harvey at Mirada Fine Art,
'Andon 1 (Organic Glow),
Reclaimed Plum, Walnut, Acrylic & LED lights,
72" x 15" x 14"

Craftsman Thomas Harvey believes wood to be the quintessential artistic medium—solid and strong while infused with movement.  Incorporating the natural beauty of these characteristics, he creates furniture and art that are simultaneously timeless and modern.

Opening reception of 'natural ELEMENTS' at Mirada Fine Art.

Definitely come check out these remarkable artists at Mirada Fine Art!

'natural ELEMENTS' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art.

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