Sunday, September 16, 2018

Melanie Warsinske and Joe Boddy: Elemental

‘Elemental’ exhibit offers contemporary visual take on our relationship with our surroundings.

Melanie Warsinske and Joe Boddy join forces for the 'Elemental' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art

A common thread that flows through many pieces of artwork represented at Mirada Fine Art is a presence of the indefinable attributes we love about Colorado.  Artists from throughout the world unite within the award-winning gallery, offering visual interpretations of humanity, nature, and their interaction.

Melanie Warsinske at Mirada Fine Art, 'Beat of the Drums,' Oil on Canvas, 40" x 40"

Two of Mirada’s artists most proficient at capturing that ‘Colorado essence’ come together in an exhibit opening on Friday August 10 with a reception for the artists. ‘Elemental: A Contemporary Interpretation of Nature’ will run through September 2.

Melanie Warsinske enjoys the opening reception of her 'Elemental' exhibition at Mirada Fine Art.

Evergreen artist Melanie Warsinske translates everything around her—rushing water, ethereal clouds, imposing mountaintops, rippling muscles of animals—into a very personal visual diary.  Lush and powerful, her paintings capture emotion and motion onto canvas, evoking visceral reactions in every viewer.  The idiosyncrasies of the environment continuously fascinate Melanie.  Dichotomous sensations of calm and chaos, power and vulnerability, drama and serenity are reflected in the texture, glints of metallic paint and compelling brushstrokes of Ms. Warsinske.
Joe Boddy at Mirada Fine Art, 'Getting a Handle on It,'
Mixed Media, 30" x 12" x 11"
Similarly inspired by the elements of the earth, and our human struggle to co-exist peacefully with nature and each other, sculptor Joe Boddy’s work epitomizes dynamic mixed-media as an art form.  The path that led Joe to art is not atypical for an artist — as a child he struggled to find a way to express himself.  What sets Joe apart is the strong, organic sculpture that he unearthed (sometimes literally) as a result of that journey.  ‘Rejected’ items take on a new life as fine art.  Fired clay, glass, cast iron farm equipment and recycled wood seamlessly combine in his distinctive sculptures.

Artist Joe Boddy at opening reception of 'Elemental' at Mirada Fine Art.

If you were not able to attend the 'Elemental' exhibition, you can still see other remarkable works of art by Melanie Warsinske and Joe Boddy at any time at Mirada Fine Art.

Melanie Warsinske at Mirada Fine Art,
'Chasm,' Oil on Canvas, 48"  36"

Joe Boddy at Mirada Fine Art, 'Slice of Life,'
Mixed Media, 64" x 15" x 15"

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