Friday, April 11, 2014

'Great Contemporary Galleries in Denver' ...A Culture Lover's Guide

Top 10 Art Galleries in Denver...and Mirada Fine Art is one!

Best Contemporary Galleries in Denver: Mirada Fine Art

We were absolutely thrilled when the international publication,, came out with their 'Culture Lover's Guide to the Top 10 Contemporary Art Galleries in Denver,' and they included Mirada Fine Art.  Here is a link to the article:

"Mirada Fine Art believes that the atmosphere of a gallery should match the standard of the works on show. Showcasing works by significant international artists, this award-winning gallery has therefore strived to create a space that is worthy of presenting such quality pieces of contemporary art. Mirada Fine Art features paintings and sculptures that cover a wide range of concepts and styles, presenting pieces by a number of national and international artists whose works are not on show anywhere else in the region.  Over the years, the venue has become associated with presenting some of the finest contemporary exhibitions in Denver, both for their experimental quality and the strength of works on show. The amalgamation of the gallery's high-class environment and roster of acclaimed artists such as Bruce Marion, Marcela Panasiti and Svetlana Shalygina makes Mirada Fine Art one of a kind."

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