Thursday, April 24, 2014

Larisa Aukon at Mirada Fine Art

Larisa Aukon joined Mirada Fine Art in late 2013, and every painting she sends our way simply blows us away!

Larisa Aukon at Mirada Fine Art, Summer Snow, Oil on Panel, 20" x 16"

Latvian-born artist Larisa Aukon experienced a life-changing moment about fifteen years ago, shortly after immigrating to the U.S.  With a bag of rolled-up canvases and a $100 bill in her pocket, she arrived in Arizona, and shortly thereafter found herself alone on a hilltop, gazing at seemingly endless landscape, immersed in ‘an explosion of color’.  Thus began Larisa’s love affair with the American Southwest, and her passion to express the ‘inner pulse of feeling’ that underlies everything we view.  This passion now emanates from her natural and urban landscapes.

Larisa Aukon at Mirada Fine Art, Inlay, Oil on Canvas, 46" x 58"
An only child, Larisa spent long winters in Riga, Latvia, sketching the countryside her family occasionally visited. Her parents submitted an application for Larisa to the prestigious Janis Rosenthal Art School.  After weeks of exams in both art and academics, she was chosen from hundreds of applicants as one of a handful of children accepted.  Through her teen years, she attended 20 hours of art classes a week, in addition to rigorous academic classes.  Larisa went on to earn a master’s degree from the Latvian State Academy of Fine Arts. After a series of art-related jobs in Riga, she knew it was time to move on. “I was like a dandelion,” she laughs, “blown to the United States.”

Larisa Aukon at Mirada Fine Art, Narrow Street, Oil on Panel, 36" x 24"
Ms. Aukon’s extensive education and inborn talent allow her to create masterfully-mixed and layered palettes, supported by a framework of balanced compositions. Bold strokes of color capture changing hues of natural light.  Layers of paint create depth and brilliance, a hallmark of her work. She is compelled to translate onto canvas the current of emotion she feels. “I search for a perfect moment when inspiration and technique fall perfectly into place. Then I paint voraciously, as if time is running out on me.”

Larisa Aukon at Mirada Fine Art, Overnight, Oil on Panel, 16" x 20"
Larisa’s work is held in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.  Her art is a frequent subject of glowing articles in magazines such as Southwest Art, American Art Collector and Cowboys and Indians.

Larisa Aukon at Mirada Fine Art
Larisa Aukon at Mirada Fine Art, The Forgotten End, Oil on Linen, 30" x 30"

Larisa Aukon at Mirada Fine Art, Morning Latte, Oil on Linen, 18" x 24"

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