Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Helene Caron at Mirada Fine Art

Helene Caron at Mirada Fine Art, 'Olivia,' Mixed Media on Panel, 40" x 40"

Hélène Caron’s lifelong love of animals is strikingly evident in her work. From the time she could hold a pencil as a tiny child, she spent endless hours sketching her furry best friends.  This devotion to the creatures and a deep-seated need to represent their individuality, led her to a full-time career fulfilling that passion.

Helene Caron at Mirada Fine Art, Shake II, Mixed Media on Panel, 48" x 48"
In her mid-twenties, Hélène realized horses had become a dominant subject matter for her.  Their dichotomous nature combining massive strength with incredible patience and softness became an embodiment of Caron’s artwork. Hélène found other animals that also encapsulated these qualities and began painting them as well.  A perfect contemporary blend of whimsy and realism, Caron’s pieces exude personality. Sensitive, fun and curious, each horse, cow, bear or wolf beckons you to get to know them.  Using layers of acrylic paint worked with palette knives and spatulas, the artist employs gels and pastes to add depth.  A hallmark of Caron’s work is the use of vivid colors within the subject, contrasted with backgrounds left intentionally blank, highlighting the spirit of each animal depicted.  Soulful eyes endearingly speak to and scrutinize you, entreating your love.  And while undeniably vibrant, they instill viewers with a sense of both uplifting energy and a deep sense of serenity.

Helene Caron studying her subject matter.
Born in Laval, Quebec, Helene now resides in Blainville, an off-island suburb of Montreal situated at the foot of the Laurentian Mountains, where for seven years she has happily devoted herself entirely to creating her art.  She has received numerous awards of distinction, and her work is part of both private and corporate collections throughout North America.

Mirada Fine Art is pleased to be the only gallery in the United States to represent the amazing artwork of Helene Caron!

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