Friday, March 31, 2017

Cynthia Chartier at Mirada Fine Art!

Mirada Fine Art is absolutely thrilled to introduce our newest artist, Cynthia Chartier!

Cynthia Chartier at Mirada Fine Art, 'Freedom (Stars & Stripes),' Mixed Media on Canvas, 60" x 48"
Fascinated by how great music, cultures and literature are iconic of the present yet reflect the past and continue to evolve into the future, artist Cynthia Chartiér strives to imbue her work with the same timeless emotional layering.

Cynthia Chartier at Mirada Fine Art, 'Henri Matisse,' Mixed Media on Canvas, 60" x 48"

Born in Boston, Cynthia began her art studies at that city’s Notre Dame Art School at the age of eight, continuing her studies throughout Europe during summer months of summer vacation. Understanding of the artistic process and technique continued to develop while studying at the Boston Musuem School, the Monstserrat School of Vistual Art and the Norton Museum School of Art.  Exposure to a vast array of artists and techniques combined with personal artistic experimentation, resultied in
Chartiér’s stunningly unique and richly textured multi-media works of art.

Cynthia Chartier is now represented by Mirada Fine Art in Colorado

Primarily figurative, Cynthia’s paintings echo the multitudes of emotion, energy, expression and vision reflected and sometimes buried within the people she finds most engaging.  To create her trademark reflective quality and prisms of color, the artist builds vibrant layers of jewel tone paint, glazes, symphony sheet music, manuscripts, rare textiles and found objects to create both physical and emotional texture.

Cynthia Chartier at Mirada Fine Art, 'The Queen (Shakespearean Sonnet), Mixed Media on Canvas, 30" x 30"

Language and symbolism are vital to Ms. Chartiér to convey the secret riddles and stories hidden within her work.  Her abstract expressionist style is skillfully and deliberately employed. The items chosen to be included in each painting are carefully hand-selected.  For instance, sheet music often makes an appearance, sometimes buried beneath other textural layers, to express the energy of an individual. “Emotions are like a beautiful language using various instruments played in the symphony,” Cynthia explains. “Sounds reflect prisms of color and imagery, mixing with soulful emotion.  Art is the mirror of who are and who we’d like to become.”

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